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10 Wise Ways to Kill Time in Tromsø

The town is more than worth a visit on its own merit, filled with enough exciting activities inside and out to justify arriving several days

The Pack Ice and Polar Bears of North Spitsbergen

We’ve mentioned before that the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is one of the best places to spot polar bears. We’ve also mentioned that the

The Man Behind the Ship: Hondius the Cartographer

We at Oceanwide Expeditions are pretty fond of exploration, explorers, maps, and mapmakers. Maybe you’ve noticed.

2019 Highlights: 41 Photos from a Prime Polar Year

If you overhear someone say, "It's been a good year," they're probably a farmer or financier or maybe even a wine producer. But we think pol

Seizing the Season: Spitsbergen’s Late Spring, Early Summer

Most Arctic expedition cruises fall into two camps: those that sail during the autumn and winter and focus primarily on the northern lights,

Antarctica by Air: Two Highly Uplifting Helicopter Cruises

Taking a polar expedition cruise delivers no shortage of show-stopping highlights, but one of the most exhilarating is lifting off from the

How St. Nick Became Santa Claus and Moved to the North Pole

In the Netherlands, where we’re based, Sinterklaas is technically a celebration of the St. Nicholas feast day on December 6, while Christmas

Better Than Medicine: Interview with Dr. Veronique Verhoeven

Even if she’s only slipping you a few extra seasickness meds, your ship doctor can mean the difference between a comfortable expedition crui

15 Features, Figures, and Facts About Ortelius

Here are 15 additional features, figures, and facts about our faithful expedition cruise vessel Ortelius. For example, dd you know Ortelius

Penguins, Petrels, and Prions: Top Antarctica Bird Tour Spots

If anyone ever tells you Antarctica is for the birds, they’re right.

A Veteran Guide: Interview with Arjen Drost

Arjen Drost has been a guide for Oceanwide Expeditions for nearly twenty years. And as any polar traveler can tell you, that’s a lot of wate

Seven Frightfully Fun Polar Ghost Stories

As a breeding ground for ghost stories, the polar regions are tough to beat. After all, few places on the planet have claimed the lives of

Spotlight on s/v Noorderlicht

Because of her small size and dual motor-sail capability, Noorderlicht is an ideal ship for a peaceful, nature-centered Arctic experience.

The Impact of Small vs. Large Cruise Ships

The generalization that larger ships impact the environment more than smaller ships seems like such a no-brainer that if someone said it to

Conservation Connection: Oceanwide and Happywhale

According to Happywhale, conserving the oceans starts with the whales.

Eight Facts About the Rowdy, Resilient Musk Ox

Given how violent their lives can be, it may come as some surprise that musk oxen live as long as they do. Twenty years, after all, is a lon

The Most Enchanting Antarctica Cruise Islands

Whether it’s Greenland in the Arctic or Snow Hill Island in Antarctica, the bulk of our polar expeditions take place around, between, and up

From Teacher to Travel Guide: Interview with Ali Liddle

Being a good expedition leader isn’t just about making plans, giving briefings, and enduring the occasional sleepless night spent praying fo

Taking the Polar Plunge

There are some human activities that for many people simply defy understanding: We juggle chainsaws, we breathe fire, we fling ourselves out

Guide Tips, Testimonials, and Highlights from North Norway

Falling just inside the Arctic Circle, North Norway is a wildlife-rich span of majestic fjords, enchanting islands, and deep-forested Nordic

Seven Tips to Get the Most out of Your Expedition Cruise

An expedition cruise you consider bland, poor, even disastrous, might be one another traveler calls the trip of a lifetime. And your apprais