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Ushuaia: The Little-Known History of Antarctica's Gateway

Ushuaia's official birth date is October 12, 1884. On that day, the Argentine Commodore Augusto Lasserre established the sub-division of Ush

Iceberg Encounters in Antarctica

When we told friends and family that we were going to Antarctica for Christmas and the New Year there were a couple of instant, if a little

(Nearly) Stuck in the Antarctic Ice

We are at the bottom of deep sleep, gently lullabyed throughout the night by the rhythmic swaying of the Ortelius on a glass smooth Ross Sea

In polar travel, choice of clothing can mean life or death

With temperatures like this, it is vital to be prepared. In fact, it is life threatening if you aren’t. My first impulse, when planning my j

Wandering in Fields of Ice – Around Svalbard

To see a healthy and strong polar bear in its natural habitat is a delight. The power of this bear was perceivable from our vantage point on

Visiting Scott’s Terra Nova Hut - Cape Evans

I have read just about every account ever written on Scott’s Antarctic expeditions. Some hail him as a great hero; some claim he was an auto

A Ross Sea Odyssey

In 2013 I took part in a trip of a lifetime. Led by Australian mountaineer, Greg Mortimer, this expedition took in the Antarctic Peninsula,

Ortelius, why are we going in circles?

It seemed as if the ship was not completely certain in which direction to travel, her nose testing the wind. To a certain extent that was t

Explorers in the Ice - Ross Sea Antarctica

Although I’ve been to the Peninsula many times, the opportunity to experience the Ross Sea and its historical sites for the first time was v

Antarctic Peninsula | Basecamp - Ortelius

Antarctica beckons adventurers.