PolarNEWS was founded by Heiner and Rosamaria Kubny, who had been infected by the Polar Virus in 1997 on their first trip to the Antarctic. Ever since, they have revisited this last true wilderness area, sometimes several times a year. Later, they extended their visits also to the Northern Polar Regions and have been equally amazed by the wild beauty of these areas. In 2004, they decided to form a news platform for those interested in the cold, yet beautiful regions around the poles, PolarNEWS was born. Due to their extensive visits and their accumulated knowledge about how to travel in these true wild regions, they have also become experts on polar voyages and have been offering the organization and guidance of expeditionary trips to the Arctic and Antarctic. They are supported by a team of experienced tour guides, travel agents and tour operators to offers a unique experience for everyone interested. 

Oceanwide Expeditions is a proud partner of PolarNEWS.