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Secrets of the Stone: Restoration of Svalbard’s 1878 Memorial

Verheul's goal was refreshingly simple: make the 1878 stone legible again so that future visitors can continue to enjoy it.

Falling into Place: Iris van Zalinge’s Arctic Expedition

Iris van Zalinge, a native of the Dutch province of Zeeland where our headquarters is based, took the nine-night voyage on Plancius in July.

South Georgia Whaling Stations

South Georgia is an animal lover’s dream. In fact, it’s one of the most wildlife-rich locations we visit in all of our polar voyages, whethe

Svalbard’s Texas Bar

Texas Bar is one of the historic areas we visit on certain Svalbard trips, and it always proves to be a cherished landing site among both ou

Insider’s Expedition: Interview with Toto van der Horst-Vermue

As part of our reservations department, one of Toto’s responsibilities is helping book our guests on the many Antarctic and Arctic cruises w

Book Recommendations for Your Polar Cruise

We’ve reached out to our followers on social media, most of whom are former (or future) passengers, to find out what polar-related books the

IAATO Celebrates Inaugural Antarctic Ambassadorship Day

As much as we love Antarctica, we love taking our guests there even more. And one of the things we love most about that is seeing their eyes

Weddell Sea, Shackleton’s Endurance, and New Swabia

Our Antarctica 2023-24 cruise program is filled with fantastic expeditions, not least of which is a new itinerary that tours key locations o

Shackleton’s Long-Lost Endurance Discovered in Antarctica

A discovery expedition launched by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust fulfilled a mission years in the making when it discovered Anglo-Ir

Kite Skiing the Greenland Ice Sheet

Laura, a French Canadian from Quebec City with a Master’s in Geophysics and Glaciology, will make the journey in April with her dad two othe

Antarctica Bound: Plancius and Hondius Sail South

If we were excited telling you that we’re finally going back to Antarctica, we’re thrilled to report that Plancius and Hondius are already o

We’re Going Back to Antarctica!

We plan to restart operations in Antarctica with two of our four ships, which are currently being supplied and prepared for positioning in A

Franz Josef Land Sites, Species, and Experiences

The archipelago of Franz Josef Land is to Russia what Svalbard is to Norway: Both island groups offer excellent Arctic scenery, adventurous

The Eight Albatrosses of Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic

Whether you’re bound for Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic, or some combination of both, this entry will give you all the important albatross in

The Return to Franz Josef Land

Franz Josef Land used to be a classic part of our northern program until 2012, when we stopped visiting the area due to various difficulties

Trips for All Birders: Interview with Martin Berg

Martin Berg is a marine biologist and expedition leader, and his love of birds runs deep. This year he will join us on some of our most bird

The Music of Antarctica: Interview with Cellist Jörg Berning

We interviewed German cellist Jörg Berning about performing Ralph Vaughan Williams's Sinfonia Antarctica with the Bergen Philharmonic Orches

Northeast Greenland National Park

Northeast Greenland National Park is the world’s largest national park and the ninth largest protected area on Earth. It should come as litt

True South: A New Flag for a Global Antarctica

When Evan Townsend signed up to spend the winter of 2018 working at an Antarctic research station, he had no reason to expect he would end t

Greenland: East vs. West

East and West Greenland are very different in terms of climate, wildlife, habitation, and geology. This means visiting them yields different

Contribute to science with your leopard seal pictures

Leopard seals are often described as looking reptilian, since their eyes are on either side of their large heads.