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Antarctic Resolution

I looked at my husband and decided to tell him, “I always dreamed of going to Antarctica and seeing penguins. Lots of penguins.” It was fina

Eissturmvögel im Kongsfjord

Heute, am ersten Tag unserer Spitzbergen-Umrundung, standen mein Bruder und ich bereits um halb sieben auf, denn schließlich wollten wir die

Swiss birders on the rocks: North Atlantic Odyssey 2017

Being used to cold and snow from the Swiss mountains, our team of four Swiss birders decided to book a tour with Oceanwide Expeditions in Ma

Under the Northern Lights of Greenland

Driving towards the port in Akureyri, I recognized Plancius from miles away. This was the ship that once took me to the end of the Earth, th

Remembrance of Expeditions Past

Today I sit in the sun, thinking back on the years I spent with my Oceanwide family since my retirement in 1997. My first trips were on a li

Ortelius on My Mind

Imagine having an alarm clock that didn’t wake you with the usual BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! but instead purred gently into your ear, “Good morning.

The Most Epic Journey In The World: Ross Sea Antarctica

This expedition had everything – jaw dropping landscapes, whales galore, volcanoes, ice, ice and more ice of all kinds, berg, fast, sea, pan

A helicopter flight over Antarctica

Dutch journalist Gemma Venhuizen embarked on the m/v Ortelius during the Weddell Sea cruise ‘In search of the emperor penguins – including h

The Antarctica State of Mind

The grandeur and wonder of Antarctica is beyond words. Staring at my screen and not knowing where to start, I took a glance at the dark grey

Wild in Antarctica

Recently, one of my best friends told me about a trip she was taking to Antarctica, which would fulfill her goal of travelling to all seven

Following the tracks of Viking Explorer Fridtjof Nansen

In late August of 2016, I went on a week-long tour of East Greenland on the Rembrandt Van Rijn. The ship was originally built in the 1920's

Werden wir uns wiedersehen?

Ich steige in das Flugzeug in der Hoffnung, dich hier im hohen Norden zu finden, weit weg von meinem Daheim. Lange habe ich auf diesen Momen

Rode Island

Van 6 september t/m 23 september 2016 ben ik meegegaan met reis 30 en 31 van de Rembrandt van Rijn. We mochten genieten van een geweldige re

Reise in den hohen Norden

Auf einem Schiff rund um ein paar steinerne Inseln, flächenmässig etwa so gross wie die Schweiz, irgendwo in der Arktis mit 2700 Einwohnern

They Don’t Speak Gentoo on This Island

So what would you do with your last few hours at the end of the world? How would you spend your remaining time before sailing off into what

A true polar bear special

When I look out of the window I see only ice. Floes as far as the eye can see. It is Saturday, but not your typical Saturday. This morning I

Once in a lifetime … or …?

“Goodmoooorning folks, goodmooorning”, the voice from our expedition leader Nathan echoed through our cosy triple porthole cabin on board of

Mesmerised by the wild beauty of Svalbard

Myrtle Ryan found herself mesmerised by the wild beauty of the icy high Arctic, and the many fascinating creatures which call it home. A cus

"Major Tom, I wish you’d known..."

Grey sky. I wake up with a cotton-padded head: all noises and thoughts come muffled up, both from the outside and the inside. Alas, today’s

Kayaking the Waters of Antarctica

The weather changes so dramatically down here that you simply cannot say, "this looks like a great day" if it is one - rather you must live

A Rare Convergence of Possibilities - Crossing the Drake Passage

During an unusually calm crossing of the Drake Passage Andrew - the Expedition Leader - asked the Captain if it was possible to do a zodiac