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door Marieke Van der Vlugt

What a sensational and extremely well organised adventure we had, together with an enthousiastic and professional expedition team. Many many thanks!

door Maria Curry

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip to Antarctica on the M/V Plancius and it was an absolutely incredible experience. The ship itself was comfortable and well-equipped, and the staff were all incre

door Dan Nahum

What an amazing trip on the Ortelius with Oceanwide. The expedition teams were fantastic - professional, knowledgeable, and fun. They put the guests first and did everything to give us the best Antarctica ex

door Mario D'Angelo

Antarctica is a truly breathtaking and otherworldly destination. The stark white landscapes, towering glaciers, and diverse array of wildlife make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The journey to the sout

door Fiona Richardson

Stunning place obviously. Outstanding expedition team, from the expedition guides to the housekeeping staff. Nothing was too much trouble. Well organised, friendly, passionate, knowledgeable, hard working. E

door maya hardinge

Amazing trip, great food, fascinating guides and lectures. Amazing weather i'm told. Was astounded by the iceburgs they looked so un real like being in another planet.

door Jernej Bizjak

Our expedition cruise to Antarctica was just amazing, Organization, staff, ship, excursions - everything was just the way it is supposed to be. Impressed.

door Lori Gates

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The Expedition Leaders were well-informed and eager to pass along their knowledge. Lectures were very interesting and good. Announcements were clear and timely. Trips off the

door Mary Susan Smith

I cannot begin to describe the experience we had on our epic journey to the bottom of the world. After a three year wait to travel, everything about the experience went beyond our wildest dreams. The ship wa

door Riccardo & Wendie Hartsink

We have seen a lot of wildlife. Seven kinds of Penguins of which almost all kolonies had chicks, Fur seals with pups, wales, several kinds of sea birds, Commerson's dolphins, too much to mention. The ser

door Patricia Ortega

A fantastic, fun and exciting trip. Spectacular landscapes, wildlife in its natural environment and nature in its purest form. With an excellent team that took care of us and made us feel at home. Thank you

door Denise Heffernan Stearns

Antarctica exceeded our expectations- everything about it was magical. We’d met people over the last few months who’ve been there 3-4 times, and we thought, “it’s Antarctica- once is

door Jose Luis Gasco

Incredible journey through Antarctic lands. Incredible landings in all the areas visited, with special mention for South Georgia Island. Memories that will be in my mind forever. Thanks to all the expedition

door Goutham Jayaraman

Overall, the trip was extremely enjoyable. I was happy with all the landings, but would have liked much more time spent in Antarctica which only had one mainland landing. I appreciated being able to walk amo

door LeeAnn Riloff

The Oceanwide team did a stellar job in every way. The schedule was always flexible to take the best advantage of landing spots and weather conditions. Hospitality was on point and meals were fantastic. Atte