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PLA25-23, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

Meanwhile M/V Plancius continued southwest towards Deception Island and right after midday we found ourselves transiting through the so call

HDS24-22, trip log, Antarctica - Discovery and learning voyage

At 6pm it is time for Captains cocktail to celebrate the beginning of the voyage with a glass of prosecco and delicious canapes. Captain Ton

PLA24-22, trip log, Antarctica - Basecamp

We entered the port and were welcomed by the Expedition Team and the Hotel Team at the Plancius’ gangway. After we had been shown to our roo

Oceanwide charts Antarctic island

Guests, guides, and crew all helped chart a route around the largest of the Guyou Islands in Flandres Bay, returning to the ship late that e

OTL24-22, trip log, Basecamp Antarctica Incl. Anvers Island and Flandres Bay

At first just a trickle of people, clutching camera bags and obviously eager to view the ship, ambled along the quayside. This slowly increa

Ortelius Staff Spot Type D Orca

Taking our guests to beautiful polar areas to see exotic polar animals is what we’re all about. Whether we’re spotting polar bears or pengui

HDS23-22, trip log, Antarctica - Discovery and learning voyage

On embarkation, our luck already began as it was clear and sunny while we are embarking our home for the next 10 days, the Dutch Expedition

Arctic Cruises Compared: Around Spitsbergen vs. North Spitsbergen

Around Spitsbergen or North Spitsbergen – which cruise is for you? The most distinguishing feature of these cruises is the areas they visit.

HDS22-22, trip log, Antarctica - 'Basecamp'- free camping, kayaking, snowshoe/hiking,

We spend the rest of the evening cruising down the Beagle Channel. As we prepare ourselves to go down for our first dinner the ship is surro

OTL23-22, trip log, Weddell Sea, In search of the Emperor penguin

We were warmly welcomed by all the crew and staff who assisted us in finding our cabins. We had a little time to explore the ship and get ou

OTL22-22, trip log, Weddell Sea - In search of the Emperor penguin

On Snow Hill Island the morning turned out glorious. Being able to walk on this massive blanket of frozen sea water was special enough in it

HDS21-22, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

The day started with a beautiful sunrise and we enjoyed a tasty breakfast before heading to the outer decks. Many birds such as Black-browed

OTL21-22, trip log, Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

When we arose from our sleep and headed outside, we saw beautiful, calm seas and sunshine; perfect conditions to begin looking out for wonde

Oceanwide wins World’s Best Expedition Cruise Line 2022

We are honored to announce that Oceanwide Expeditions has been named World’s Best Expedition Cruise Line 2022 in the second annual World Cru

Fourth consecutive Snow Hill landing

We’re thrilled to report we made our fourth consecutive landing at the emperor penguin colony on Snow Hill Island last Friday.

Around Spitsbergen, in the Realm of the Polar Bear & Ice

There are journeys and there are journeys. This trip is one that falls in the latter category. I look back on a fantastic experience, during

HDS14-22, trip log, East Greenland Scoresby Sund - Aurora Borealis

While we sail out of the fjord, the scenery is stunning and how could it get any better… we have the first sightings of whales. Some humpbac

Secrets of the Stone: Restoration of Svalbard’s 1878 Memorial

Verheul's goal was refreshingly simple: make the 1878 stone legible again so that future visitors can continue to enjoy it.

OTL14-22, trip log, East Greenland Scoresby Sund - Basecamp

Before most of us retreat to our cabins to rest we hear Jan’s voice through the speakers. We have northern lights – while crossing the Arcti

PLA13-22, trip log, Spitsbergen - Northeast Greenland

Dinner was served and we got to meet some of our fellow travellers who would be sharing this voyage to Greenland. As we began our navigation

Falling into Place: Iris van Zalinge’s Arctic Expedition

Iris van Zalinge, a native of the Dutch province of Zeeland where our headquarters is based, took the nine-night voyage on Plancius in July.