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por Sivashanker Sivashanmugam

A must for every adventurer! Oceanwide and the onboard team know exactly how to make an adventure happen! From the early morning wake up calls, beautiful scenery, off ship excursions and wildlife, they made

por Andrea Dehn

Thank you Oceanwide Expedition for this amazing tour on the Rembrandt van Rijn. A very welcoming captain (Joachim) and crew and experienced guides (Jan and Chloé) ensured us a great week. Our main wis

por M.E.M. Schaap

perfekte organisatie en bijzondere reis

por Leon Rodenburg

Being on the first expedition since covid-19 got hold of the world, one feels privileged, very privileged. One could sense the happiness of the crew and staff to be at sea again with guests. We had mostly (v

por Robert Furrer

1 What a fine crew this was. And this goes from the expedition leader Adam Turner and the whole staff to the ship crew and the many servants for room service and food services. Simply a crew that Oceanwide c

por Michael Amort

review: ...see the title .)

por Marion Schirmer

Eine Reise ,die uns fasziniert hat, einmal von der Landschaft und vor allem von der Tierwelt. Wir sind sehr dankbar, das wir die Antarktis erleben durften. 2017 durften wir schon mit der Plancius Spitzbergen


The trip of a lifetime. The ship and it's crew were wonderful and we all became one big happy family on a joyous adventure. This trip was worth the wait and all the extra testing and paperwork due to Cov

por Pedro José Cermeño Parra

Great trip, the best landscape I have ever seen and kayaking was really amazing!